How It Works

We strive to make the experience smooth and pleasant for everyone. We have provided some documentation for you to review with specifics of the purchase process.

Initially, we require a puppy deposit contract. This form provides the guidelines of the security deposit from the Buyer until the puppy is 8 weeks old (minimum).

  • Security Deposit in the amount of $500.00 is required to hold Puppy for Buyer until the puppy is 8 weeks old (minimum).
  • There are no refunds on deposits, unless specifically agreed to in writing.
  • The Seller reserves the right to void the transaction and retain the deposit if there are any conflicts of purchase, such as:
    • Buyer is found to be an animal abuser
    • Buyer is found to have a history of violence
    • Buyer is found to represent a Pet Store
    • Buyer is found to represent a Pharmaceutical Research Lab
    • Buyer is fraudulent in any way with Seller
  • Should anything tragic happen with the puppy, the deposit will be transferable to the next available litter
  • 8 week time frame is an estimation, and a minimum of when the puppy will be naturally weaned and ready to leave the mother.

To view the entire Puppy Deposit Agreement, please click here.


Full contract terms and conditions are available through our Purchase Contract. To view or download this contract, please click here.