Dietary Links

Nutrition and diet are an essential part of raising healthy and happy pups.  We have provided a list of our Kennel's "preferred" species appropriate diet choices, with links to give additional details about each product, food or supplement. 

Here is the link for All the honest kitchen foods and products

Here is the link for Nature's Variety Instinct Foods Kibble and Raw


Here is the link for Stella & Chewy's Freeze dried Raw


We Also feed Primal Raw


Here is the link to the fish oils we use for the dogs


Here is the link for Solid Gold Seameal supplement


Why we LOVE bone broth for our dogs.  Dr. Karen Becker DVM recommends it.


Honest Kitchen Instant goats milk probiotic. We also Feed fresh goats milk you can purchase at any specialty dog food store or any grocery store that carries fresh goats milk. There are several dog food companies that make it. Honest kitchen and primal are our two favorites. (Unless you have a goat and can produce fresh goat's milk). 


Honest kitchen Instant Goats milk and probiotic. 


Primal Raw Goats Milk.


Why we recommend and feed our dogs Organic canned and fresh pumpkin as well as the seeds.


Here is the Link for a video I highly recommend all pet owners watch regarding their dogs nutrition and health. "Pet Fooled".  It's on Netflix or YouTube and Trailer on Google.