The Puppies 4th Week of Life

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Hi everybody!  The puppies will be starting their fourth week of life Friday May 26th. They are starting to teeth and those little razor blades of theirs are getting quite sharp.  So the finger chewing and biting should be starting soon.

Their eyes are open now and they are so inquisitive about everything. They are making the cutest little noises and sounds as well as developing their personalities. I've had the pleasure of watching them start to interact with each other. They are learning to play with each other as siblings. It's quite adorable to watch them play fight with each other and listen to those little baby sounds they're making at each other as they establish their place in the puppy pack.


 At times they are driving their mom Chloe crazy! Now with they're little teeth coming in and still breast-feeding I can't imagine it would be fun for her, but she is truly such an amazing mother and loves her little pups so much she just licks, grooms and nuzzles them as she's training them. In about week and a half to two weeks they will be completely weaned off their mother and eating puppy gruel. So stay tuned for updates and photos of this monumental event.


Thanks for checking in. Catch up with all of you next week?


Make it a great day - Suzie ?